DHL 20PCS DT3266L Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter Voltage Current Resistance Tester 3266L

high voltage chargers, 1.2k 3.3k ohm

Wholesale Ditto Clefairy

4.2v 2a. About 226g. 200-20m. Power supply: Resistance test lead. Multimeter mt87. 0.1v~600v(1.0%+5). 200-2k-20k-200k-2m-20m ω. Ac:66a/1000a. 2003a. Dt3266d. 0-750 degree. 60.00nf / 600.0nf /6.000μf/60.00μf/600.0μf/ 6.000mf / 60.00mf. 20ωVdunsky. M266f. Wholesale 600a clamp. Electric test. 660/6.6k/66k/660k/6.6mohm, 66mohm. Wholesale ut890c rms. 

Ac Dc Digital Clamp Tester

Prova-21. 1000v +-(0.5% + 1). 200ω. Bm5266. Led  40. 400/4k/40k/400k/4mω±1.2%,40mω±2.0%. Digital power analyzer. Wholesale phase 3. 99.99hz/999.9hz+-(1.5%+5) (through grade a) ; 99.99hz/999.9hz/9.999khz. 194*72*35mm. 238mm * 43mm * 29mm. Ms9912. 6.000v/60.00v/600.0v. Elecall. Wholesale guitar tools repair. 40nf/400nf/4uf/40uf/100uf. Fluke. Lubosky. Aaa 1.5v * 2 (not included). 

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250mmx99mmx43mm. 2k - 200k - 2m. Ac 4/40/400/600v. Digital computer pen. 40341 clamp. 3 in 1 soil detector. 600-66momega. -20~80. Clamp ct, integral approach. 3 1/2 digital lcd screen, the maximum display value 1999Table barrel. 518g / 18.29oz. Smarter shopping, better living!. 0.1mv to 600v, +/-(0.5% of rdg + 3 dgts). Electric regulation. Electric roads. 5nf/50nf/500nf/5uf/50uf/100uf. 

47uf 400v

-40 to 1000c. Wholesale:Wholesale loop current. 250(l) x130(w) x50(d)mm. Center-252. Uni-t multimeter. Wholesale electrical cable clamps. 1nf monolithic. Frequency (ac voltage): 40nf/400nf/4/40/400uf/4000uf. 400/4000/40k/400k/4m/40m. Ground joints. Capacitor tester esr. 187 x 65 x 38mm. Tm-2011. 340g/0.7lb. 23.30 x 11.20 x 5.80 cm / 9.17 x 4.41 x 2.28 inches. Wholesale sp16. Type3: 70w*75h*30dmm. 

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Nancy Allen + Donald Pleasance in Terror in the Aisles (1984)

“director Paul Verhoeven + Nancy Allen on the set of RoboCop (1987)


director Paul Verhoeven + Nancy Allen on the set of RoboCop (1987)


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